La Grande-Champagne

13.766 ha of vineyards

Located in the heart of Cognac country, Grande Champagne is Cognac’s most prestigious cru. It lies on a special soil, the Campanian (where many fossils are found).

Nowhere else in the world are such complex, long-lasting eaux-de-vie produced as on the southern ridge of Segonzac, the «capital of Grande Champagne».

The climatic conditions in Grande-Champagne are the most favorable, sheltered from the vicissitudes of an oceanic climate to the west and continental to the east.

Grande-Champagne eau- de-vie is distinguished by its predominantly floral amount, reminiscent of vine blossom, dried vine shoots or dried lime-blossom. Its bouquet is remarkable. After reduction, the aromas develop and fruity notes replace floral ones.