Our passion is why we do it

Baron de Beauchesne opens the doors of his manor for you
to experience a sensual, warm and refined visit …

Our History

Baron de Beauchesne is the elder son of an old french family whose origins go back to the times of Royal Cavalrymen, Knights, Lords, Counts, Viscounts and Barons, the times of the Capetian dynasty and Bouchard III, Lord of Montmorency (991-1040).

In 1793, during the French revolution, the ancestor of the Baron of Beauchesne, great lover of Cognac “eau-de-vie” selected his best spirits and offered them to Napoleon Bonaparte and his military staff during hunting with hounds.

At that moment, a genuine world-renowned passion was born between the Emperor and this beverage.

In 1976, upon discovering several bottles in an old cellar, Baron of Beauchesne decided to restart the production of this exceptional Cognac.

The journey starts…

A new capital
of international renown

Harvested in the highest quality vineyards, transported by boats to the countries of Northern Europe, the wines of Poitou, Charente and the Angoulême region have been, since the 13th century, the delight of the English, the Dutch and the Scandinavians.

Since the 17th century, these wines have been transformed into brandy, then improved in oak barrels to eventually become cognac. Thus began the story of the city of Cognac which became the world famous capital of this beverage.

What you should know

Let‘s go behind the scenes.
Before introducing our exceptional products,
let us take you to the places where the noble substance is born.

Geographic Location

One region, 6 terroirs each with different soil characteristics.

La Grande-Champagne

13.766 ha of vineyards

Located in the heart of the cognac area, the Grande-Champagne is the most prestigious terroir of cognac. It is located on a particular soil, the Campanian, where many fossils can be found.

Nowhere else in the world are eaux-de-vie produced as complex and unique and with such longevity as those born on the ridge south of Segonzac, the “capital of Grande-Champagne”.

The climatic conditions in Grande-Champagne are the most favorable, sheltered from the vicissitudes of an oceanic climate in the West and continental in the East.

La Grande Champagne eau-de-vie is distinguished by its predominantly floral aroma, reminiscent of vine flowers, dried vine shoots or dried lime blossom. Its bouquet is remarkable. After reduction, the aromas develop and a fruity smell replaces the floral smell.

Our Cognacs

We are proud to introduce our 3 new products specially developed to meet the expectations of each type of Cognac lover.

From novice to the most experienced connoisseur!

Cognac Baron de Beauchesne

Ideal for longs drinks

The first product, the youngest of the family (ageing between 2 and 4 years), accentuates the fruity aroma of grapes, which dominates the tannin of the wood at this stage of ageing.

It proudly expresses the real origin of the Cognac: the grapes.

Cognac Baron de Beauchesne

Most popular well-structured Cognac.

The VSOP Baron de Beauchesne is blended from the noblest vineyards and aged in casks between 4 and 8 years.

Its main assets are the roundness and the excellence of the aromas, the result of an ideal blending process that allows to restore all the particularities and subtleties of each origin.

Cognac Baron de Beauchesne
XO – Ten years

Reveals all the richness of a great cognac.

Its natural intensity is perfectly balanced with a delicate and complex bouquet of spices, oak, vanilla, honey, lime blossom and grapes.

Its finesse and exceptional length in the mouth give it a true signature, the true expression of Baron de Beauchesne.


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